Calculated on: May 16, 2022, 9:20 am

Estimated Costs:

Escrow Seller Pays
Short Sale Escrow Fee? ($300)
Escrow Fee
CA Withholding (3 ⅓% of sales price)?
CA Withholding Amount
Signing or Notary Fee
Preparation of Documents
Courier Fee
Wire Fee
Title Insurance Seller Pays
Title Insurance Policy
Doc Transfer Tax - County (Percentage)
Doc Transfer Tax - County
This property is in the city limits
Doc Transfer Tax - City (Percentage)
Doc Transfer Tax - City
Brokerage Fee %
Brokerage Fee % Amount
Misc. Lender Fees
Flat Rate Brokerage Fee
VA/FHA Points
Buyer's Closing Costs
Other Fees
Security Deposits
Prorated Rents
Prorated Taxes
Prorated Taxes
Buyer's VA/FHA Fees
Transaction Coordinator Fee
Other Required Repairs
Roof Certification
Natural Hazard Disclosure Report
Home Warranty Policy
Structural Pest Control Inspection
Other Closing Costs
Structural Pest Control Repairs
Other Closing Costs
Estimated Closing Costs (*If required by contract)

Seller Information:

Seller Name
Sale Date
Property Address
Presented By
Real Estate Company
Estimated Selling Price

Payoff Items (Approximate):

First Loan
Second Loan
Prepayment Penalty
Prepayment Penalty
Bene/Demand Fee
Bene/Demand Fee
Prorated Interest
Prorated Interest
Reconveyance Fee
Reconveyance Fee
Estimated Closing Costs & Loan Payoff

Approximate Credits:

Prorated Taxes
Impound Accounts (if known)
Total Credits

Total Seller's Net Proceeds:

Estimated Selling Price
Less - Estimated Payoff & Closing Costs
Plus - Approximate Credits
Estimated Seller's Proceeds
Less - New Loan (if carried by seller)
Estimated Seller's Net Proceeds

This estimate has been prepared to assist in computing the Seller's closing costs. Lender, title companies and escrow holders may vary in their charges. Expenses will also vary according to expenses for required repairs and other items. Therefore, these figures cannot be guaranteed by Stewart Title or any real estate representatives. All estimates and information are believed reliable but not guaranteed.