Michael Fletcher

A life long resident of Sacramento, Michael Fletcher has been in the title and escrow industry since 1991. Hired by Stewart Title in 2000, his wealth of experience and expertise in providing necessary and pertinent information at a moments notice to Stewart Title’s customers is a testament to his success. Michael’s office of operation is located in Carmichael, where he currently serves as the company’s Customer Service Manager. He is without a doubt Stewart’s most trusted employee largely due to the fact that his services are needed by title, escrow, sales, management, and most of Stewart Title’s customers. Michael’s management of his time, brilliant organizational skills, and a passion for never letting anyone down, has earned him the reputation of excellence from all who have ever worked with him.

Moreover, Michael exhibits the kind of creativity that a company needs to succeed. He is technologically savvy, understands the importance of marketing appropriately to various spheres of influence, and also that timing is always critical as it pertains to customers, their clients, and providing exemplary customer service as a whole. He truly serves as an MVP for Stewart Title and all its loyal customers. Michael is happily married and a proud father of two beautiful children.