Clark Davenport

Clark Davenport has been in the title and escrow industry for 37 years. Having started his career with Stewart Title, Clark moved on to become a regional manager for two national competitors in the 80’s and 90’s. With a marketing degree he earned from West Virginia University, Clark found that it was his passion for building strong business relationships with his customers that led him back to Stewart Title at the turn of the century. Clark’s main focus has been and always will be the exemplary service he provides to each and every one of his clients.

With an extensive background in sales, marketing, and training, Clark is now County Manager for Stewart Title of Sacramento and Placer Counties. His experience as a Corporate Sales Trainer makes him valuable to all personnel at Stewart, whether in title, escrow, or sales. While his main office is in the Gibson branch in Roseville, you can find Clark in any one of the many Stewart Title branches on any given day helping out the operation’s 125+ employees. Clark would consider himself resolution oriented, for in the title and escrow field, problems develop, and the title company that solves the problem in a timely manner and closes the escrow is the company that succeeds and thrives in the long run. Through his tenacity, honesty, and integrity, Clark leads by example to his colleagues and customers every day.